Indoor Striping Promotes Efficiency and Safety

Advanced Striping and Sealcoating offers emission-free indoor striping. In fact, we’ve completed work in many factories and warehouses around the Fargo-Moorhead area. We can layout safety zones for equipment or areas for walkways which promotes better organization, workflow and safety. Depending on the needs of your business, we’ll work around your schedule to keep your business running smoothly.

No Noise, No Carbon Monoxide Emissions

We use a LineLazer electric striper for our indoor striping, which is perfect for high-quality work in indoor parking lots, warehouses, and more. Our electric line striping machine has zero engine noise, which means that we can perform our jobs quietly without disrupting your workplace. With an innovative and sleek design focused on efficiency, the LineLazer is a machine built for speed and accuracy. Along with having no engine noise, the LineLazer is free of engine vibration, allowing for accurate line striping across all surfaces.

Best of all, our electric line striping machine produces zero carbon emissions. As an eco-friendly option, the LineLazer allows us to stripe indoors without risk to you, your employees or your business. With no engine noise, vibration, or fumes, the LineLazer allows us to fulfill your striping needs without disrupting your business or your customers.



There’s More to Striping than Straight Lines

There’s more to parking lot striping than just straight lines and curb appeal. There are legal measurements and requirements for the way parking lots are designed. All parking spaces and drive lanes have a minimum length or width. There are also specific ADA laws that specify how many handicap spaces your lot requires. There are also federal, state and city codes to consider that determine the size and the layout of these parking lot spaces.

Restripe Parking Lot Spaces

Parking lot restriping requires experience and attention to detail. It is not simply just painting over existing lines like one might think.

We maintain the highest standards when restriping our lots. Our goal is to make your parking lot look better and to make the lines last longer. We take the time to ensure our markings are straight and consistently the same length. Advanced Striping and Sealcoating can even apply reflective glass beads to your parking lot lines to help with visibility at night.

When you need parking lot striping, call Advanced Striping and Sealcoating.

Maximizing Your Parking Lot Layout

How Can i Fit More Parking Spaces in My Lot
Advanced Striping and Sealcoating has extensive expertise in new parking lot layout and design. We can design your parking lot to maximize parking spaces and keep your parking lot safe, legal and efficient.

We design your project’s layout and stripe your new parking lot so it complies with local, state and federal codes.

How Long Will My Parking Stripes Last?
We use high-quality products and apply them to meet all manufacturer’s recommendations. Advanced Striping and Sealcoating is knowledgeable about what types of paint to use on the different types of parking lot surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, and sealcoat oil.

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