A dirty parking lot is not good for any business; in fact, it can create a negative perception of your business for potential customers. Chances are if a customer sees a dirty lot, they might assume it’s the same as well for the rest of the establishment. Remember – curb appeal speaks volumes!

A dirty lot is hazardous to customers, tenants and employees. And things like oil spills on any surface create a slippery environment which can create liability and litigation issues for property owners. Also, any trash or spilled drinks/food can attract insects, pests and rodents which also lead to healthcode violations if you are the owner of a restaurant, hospital or grocery store. 

Advanced Striping and Sealcoating specializes in maintaining and repairing driveways and parking lots. We do know the importance of maintaining a clean parking lot or driveway and what it means to your business. Build ups of grease, bacteria, debris, oil, etc. can penetrate the surface and cause it to peel away or deteriorate leaving you with deep potholes that will cause further issues to the surface over time.

Keys to Service:

  • Gas stations
  • Dumpster areas of businesses/apartments
  • Parking garages
  • Driveways
  • Drive Thrus 
  • Sidewalks

The Advantages to Washing & Sweeping Your Lot

  • Curb appeal – pressure washing can make your parking lot look brand new!
  • Increased lifespan – good for preventative maintenance. The consistency of pressure washing adds more time to the lifespan of the lot before the asphalt needs to be repaired or repainted. This also makes it cost effective in the long run!
  • Liability protection –  dirty lots can lead to accidents or injuries leaving you with potential litigation issues no one wants to face

If you have any questions and would like to speak to an Advanced Striping and Sealcoating team member or to schedule your first lot cleaning, call 701-388-4426 or contact us online. 


There’s More to Striping than Straight Lines

There’s more to parking lot striping than just straight lines and curb appeal. There are codes and regulations for the way parking lots are designed. All parking spaces and drive lanes have a minimum length or width. There’s more to parking lot striping than just straight lines and curb appeal..

Restripe Parking Lots

Parking lot restriping requires experience and attention to detail. It is not simply just painting over existing lines like one might think.

We maintain the highest standards when restriping our lots. Our goal is to make your parking lot look better and to make the lines last longer. We take the time to ensure our markings are straight and consistently the same length. Advanced Striping and Sealcoating can even apply reflective glass beads to your parking lot lines to help with visibility at night.

When you need parking lot striping, call Advanced Striping and Sealcoating.

Maximizing Your Parking Lot Layout

How Can i Fit More Parking Spaces in My Lot
Advanced Striping and Sealcoating has extensive expertise in new parking lot layout and design. We can design your parking lot to maximize parking spaces and keep your parking lot safe, legal and efficient.

We design your project’s layout and stripe your new parking lot so it complies with local, state and federal codes.

How Long Will My Parking Stripes Last?
We use high-quality products and apply them to meet all manufacturer’s recommendations. Advanced Striping and Sealcoating is knowledgeable about what types of paint to use on the different types of parking lot surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, and sealcoat oil.